With more than 40 years’ of experience in dealing with IP and predicting the evolution of technological trends in the ICT field, Roberto Dini is currently among the industry’s most respected and well-known experts

Roberto Dini is especially skilled in supporting clients in protecting their innovation, enforcing the resulting IP rights and negotiating rewarding license agreements, in the shortest time possible. Over the years, Mr. Dini has been involved in the prosecution and the subsequent enforcement especially of patent rights, leading to the conclusion of a great number of license agreements with various well-known multinational corporations

In his daily activity, he deals with all aspects of IP with a substantial experience in the field of consumer electronics. Mr. Dini supports IP owners to exploit to the maximum extent their IP rights. To this purpose, his philosophy in prosecuting and registering patents, trademarks and designs is based on the concept that the registered IP rights of clients have to be an effective and competitive instrument to foster innovation and corporate growth (inventive loop)