Roberto Dini regularly authors articles on the subject of Intellectual Property.
Among the most recent ones:


Acknowledgment by the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission for supporting the development of the report “Patent Assertion Entities in Europe: Their impact on innovation and knowledge transfer in ICT markets”

This report has been developed in close collaboration with Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs), companies affected by PAEs, companies that are clients of PAEs, and experts in the field. Most of the insights and the added value we provide derive from the fruitful exchange with the stakeholders involved. The authors and editors would like to express special thanks to Roberto Dini, Sir Robin Jacob, Thomas Kramler, Ruud Peters and Heinz Polsterer for their very helpful suggestions and contributions in the process of drafting this report.

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Patent Elf is a term coined by Roberto Dini who suggests that there is kinder and gentler sort of licensing company that a Troll, that acts to propagate technology and encourage R&D by allowing researchers to profit from their labours.

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